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Most of my clients' web sites are still using the 1.5 version of Joomla! But back last year in January, 2011 the folks at rewrote major parts of Joomla and gave it the version upgrade to 1.7. Since then they've fine tuned all those rewritten parts and now the current version is 2.5. So...the question is should you upgrade or not? Well, here's the Pro's and Con's for upgrading or not.


 Pro: The latest version includes ALL the security fixes. Yes, this is true even in Joomla! And Joomla! is an especially vulnerable target because it's Open Source ( you get the source code – no strings attached ) so it gives those hackers lots of study time to find even the most obscure hole to expose.

Con: It's running fine why rock the boat? Sure, if you've had your web site for a while and everything is going well, then why spend the time and money. It's like your washing machine – if it works don't fix it!

Pro: There's some great new features in the new version! Yes, now there are finer gradients for user permissions, a new look for the administrator, and here's the big one: one-click updating. This means that you can upgrade your own version of Joomla with one click. No more calling me! ( I'll miss you though, so do email sometimes to say hello! )

Con: Well, there are no cons to easier upgrading. For the user permissions, though, unless you have a lot of registered users accessing your site for different purposes, this isn't something that's going to add a lot of value to your site.

Pro: Get ready for the future The next generation of Joomla is out there already and it's called Joomla 3.0. The big thing with 3.0 is compatibilty with mobile devices. I was at a conference in August and they are estimating 50% of internet users will be using a mobile device ( IPAD, Android, Iphone, etc. ) by 2016.

Con: What's the rush? If the purpose of your site is for information only, then by all means wait a while. When you decide it needs to be changed up, call me.

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We build websites using the latest technology and the very best tools like
HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.
We create custom websites to your specifications.
We especially like to use Joomla! CMS because it allows you to manage your website.
We do custom functionality using Breezingforms/Facile Forms and Ecommerce.

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