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If you have the "Akeeba" Backup or the "Joombak" component here's how. Log into the administrator,

click on the Component dropdown, select "Akeeba backup" or "Joompak", Find the "BACKUP NOW" button

and click it. Wait for the backup to complete --- it will take some time depending on how many pdf's and

images you have on your site.

Don't forget to choose a section and category when you publish a new article. If you don't it will end up in the Uncategorized category. The section and category dropdowns are located below the text box in the editor when you're editing in the frontend.

Don't forget that there is an option to create pdf's out of your pages using one of the 3 icons that can optionally be displayed on a page. This is set up in the Article Manager under the Parameter tabs to the right.

yellow_tackUpload pictures in JCE. The upload icon is in the lower right box on the Image popup window. Use the resize option to make sure your photo is a reasonable size for your site: 250px width for landscape, 250px height for portraits is safe.

yellow_tackYou can upload documents to the media manager when you're in the administrator. Don't put anything you need to be secure or copy protect, but newsletters (public), bulletins, etc. are good. PS They need to end in .doc or .pdf.

yellow_tackWhen you're in the Editor, run your cursor over the top of the icon tools and a small tooltip (next to your cursor) will appear to tell you the function of that icon.

yellow_tackIn the Article Editor ( TinyMCE or JCE ),  to jump the cursor to a new line, hit Shift-Enter. For a new paragraph, hit Enter.

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We build websites using the latest technology and the very best tools like
HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.
We create custom websites to your specifications.
We especially like to use Joomla! CMS because it allows you to manage your website.
We do custom functionality using Breezingforms/Facile Forms and Ecommerce.

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